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Mayosis 2.8.6 NULLED WordPress Theme

Mayosis 2.8.6 NULLED WordPress Theme

Mayosis is a WordPress theme, that was created specifically for Free Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin. It will be enough to run your own online store except a payment gateway. It has a lot of extentions which are developed by EDD Team and third party developers. They will help you to maximize features and functionalities of your digital store.

If you want to sell your items such as templates, arts, tutorials, music, ebooks, stock photography, stock footage, themes, plugins, code snippets, Softwares or digital services then Mayosis is for you. Built on WordPress and free Easy Digital Downloads. Mayosis – Digital Marketplace Theme allows you to create your own marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Themeforest or CreativeMarket and it takes only a few hours to set up your website and sell goods. The theme is heavily customized and organized for selling a different kind of digital products as was mentioned above. Integrated Visual Composer plugin allows you to create your web pages quickly & visually without knowing a single piece of code.

Not only that, but also you can create a marketplace for others where people are selling their products by your marketplace and Mayosis allows that with an additional EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) extension called FES (Front End Submission). There are other popular extensions supported by Mayosis such as EDD Commission.

Mayosis Features:

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